Hunt The Dream

My closest closure to nightmares

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1 October
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My name is Chayna, but mainly i've been going by Chay for awhile. Milky Ways and Hot Tamales are simply irrisistable to me! If anything, the smell of Bath & Body Works' Warm Sugar and Vanilla scent brings me to heaven. (: Besides all that, I am 20 years old and Sin City is definitely the right place for me to be, considering my very mischievious nature, dumbass antics, and inspiring dreams to make my life worthwhile. Right now I am attending community college out here, and I can honestly say it's ten times as fun as attending a University. I work at a four star hotel, and I love every minute of it. One day I hope to be a marketing advertiser for a hotel, or else, just land a position in the office or do something big with modeling. I play both the flute and the acoustic guitar (which I have a long way to go with), and I do admit that I spend money I don't have (Irene and Brian know all about that one, haha).

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